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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try and answer some of the most common questions we get asked everyday.

My machine was working when I put it away but now wont start ?

Quite often starting problems are a direct result of stale fuel, modern fuels have a very short shelf life, if you are not likely to use the machine within the next 4 to 8 weeks or longer it can be advisable too run the machine out of fuel before laying it up, then when you come to put it back into service refill the tank with fresh fuel that has recently been purchased, avoid using fuel that has been kept for long periods in a container as this too will have "gone off" and may also contain water due to condensation.

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Can I put boat Two Stroke oil in my Two Stroke lawnmower/strimmer/chainsaw ?

We would never recommend putting boat Two Stroke oil in garden machinery as it can cause irreversible costly damage very quickly. Air-cooled engines run a lot hotter than water-cooled 2 stroke engines and thus you need to use the correct oil for the right engine. As a general rule of thumb agricultural Two Stroke oil is red in colour while boat Two Stroke oil is blue and is to be avoided in air-cooled engines.

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What oil do I put in my lawnmower ?

We recommend a straight SAE30 oil, we supply and use quality MORRIS agriculture grade oil suitable for all garden machinery.

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What Two Stroke mix do I put in my strimmer/blower/chainsaw ?

We would always recommend consulting the user manual for the correct mix, but if that's not available then a good guide is 25:1, we sell a very handy mixing bottle which allows you to mix up just the right amount for a range of mixes, do NOT try to guess a mix, you can cause £100's worth of damage in seconds if you don't get it right.

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Can I use old engine oil in my chainsaw to lubricate the chain ?

Definitely NOT, while old engine oil may seem a good idea it contains lots of particles and dirt and will very soon cause irreversible damage to the pump which can make for a costly repair required, at the very least it will clog the pick up filter and starve the chain of much needed lubrication and cause the chain and bar to wear very quickly, using the correct chain oil will extend the life of the chain, bar and oil pump.

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